This piece, “252 Days” is my three-dimensional “Happy/Nervous calendar” from September 1st 2007 to May 9th 2008, 252 days of my second-year. I evaluate and record the level of anxiety that I felt of the day before. Ten is the happiest (least nervous in other way) and one is the least happiest (the most nervous.)
I created 10 differenst sizes of the trophy. I give each day a trophy according to the scale of happiness/nervousness. Each size was made from the mold of one size larger. #9 is made from a mold of #10, #8 is made from a mold of #9, #7 is made from a mold of #8 (continued to #1.) The casting slip/liquid clay shrinks 6%, therefore, #1 is 6% smaller than #2, #2 is 6% smaller than #3, and #3 is 6% smaller than #4 (continued to #10.) Only on the happiest day, #10 has gold glaze. 

252 days
Earthenware, glaze, plexiglass
71" x 93" x 5"
Photo credit: James Prinz